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possibly ever.

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Hey, y'all!

I'm Kelsey Browning, your friendly LBRBRS, CIMW, PRE, CC&BK, and USATBA.

(Left Brain Right Brain Reconciliation Specialist, Certified Idea Monkey Wrangler, Pantser Rustler Extraordinaire, Creative Cheerleader & Butt Kicker, and USA Today Bestselling Author)

What the heck does all that mean? I'm a fiction author who has released close to 20 novels and novellas in the past three and a half years. And as much as I lurve making stuff up, I also love it when other people realize their creative dreams. 

Since I began writing in 2006, I've weathered five (two transglobal) moves, my mom’s critical illness and subsequent death, several short stints of single-parenting, more hours on airplanes than I can possibly count, and a serious bout of creative self-doubt when I almost quit writing before I was ever published.

But really, why should you trust me to guide you in your creative journey? Because I’ve been where you are–unsure, scared, paralyzed, filled with doubt, unmotivated, wrapped up in perfectionism, without a workable creative process. I’ve spent the past six years getting my creative shit together, and I’d like to help you get to a place where you can not only create a personalized process that allows you to do your best creative work but also ground you when you lose your creative way.

Which you will, because we all do.


the real scoop

Don't take my word for for the quality of the Big Creative Project course. Listen to those who've been there, done it, and rocked it.

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stephanie st. klaire

I think I'd jump off a bridge if it was part of your course! I am one of the thirst-for-knowledge, huge-ass goals, want-to-conquer-the-world types...this BCP was amazing for me!!!

brenda rumsey

My plan, my Big Creative Project, was always to write a book. But lack of confidence, loss of a loved one, and life events kept whispering, "Why start?  You'll never finish." This course gave me the tools to say "Yes, I will. Just watch!"

Kelsey brings a fresh strategy for getting to the heart of the barriers we surround ourselves with and helps us break them down to manageable daily actions.  Always encouraging, sometimes humorous, and tell-it-like-it-is, she guides us through until the end.


Jinny Kirby-Baxter

I did it.

I wrote that damn book!!

I have to thank Kelsey for that final push, and all the things I learned through this course, not just about procrastination, but about me. It's been a great revelation! 



I have learned SO MUCH! Being in the midst of fellow creatives has made me realize that I am not alone in my quirks and yes...madness! 

And so instead of feeling guilty for almost every single block, I celebrated the fact that we all go through these things and they have simply been identified. What a relief!