Looking for Beta Testers for:

What the F*ck Do I Do Now?

A find yourself and get your $hit together course for women who want to

stop WISHING and start DOING.

Who’s this course for?

  • Gals who think: “I wish…but…” (Wishers)
  • Chicks who say: “I want to…but…” (Whiners)
  • Netflix bingers floating from one crappy series to another (Wanderers)
  • Empty nesters frozen in their own lives like deer in headlights (Roadkill – uh, there were no more “W” words.)

What’s it gonna do for me?

Is This You-.png
  • Help you figure out what YOU want out of your life and work.
  • Give you the green light to be creative and playful (hello, glitter!).
  • Cut the mental crapola meandering through your brain on a regular basis.
  • Give you the kick in the butt to move forward instead of melding into your (admittedly comfy) couch.
  • Stop the excuses you’re making for not living the creative life you want.

When’s the course?

This course will run October 1 through October 28, 2017. Plan to spend 1-2 hours of your time each week, more if you really want to get your $hit together. Don’t apply if you aren’t interested in doing some tough-love self-reflection.

How’s the course taught?

Online through a combo of:

  • Video
  • Written lessons
  • Homework in the form of PDFs and collaging/journaling/art journaling assignments
  • Private Facebook group
  • Facebook Live videos
  • Anything else that catches my fancy

Do I need some special skills?

If you can hold a crayon and a pair of scissors, you can do this course! You will need to have a few basic supplies, like card stock and glue sticks, on hand.

How much moolah to take the course?

Nada for this beta program, but you have to fill out feedback forms or you get booted. Nada exceptiones.

What’s the fine print and other blah, blah, blah?

As a beta student, you’re agreeing to give me feedback and allowing me to ask you for a testimonial. By applying for a spot, you’re also giving the okay for me to email you about the course later, even if you aren’t accepted into the beta.

When will I know if I’m going to get a spot in the What the F*ck do i Do Now? beta course?

I’ll let you know before the course starts on October 1st. I can be bribed with wine, chocolate, or cash. But if you PM me penis pics on Facebook, it’s an automatic no.

Spots are super-de-duper limited, so not everyone who applies can be accepted.

** If you share the news about this course on social media, you'll get extra consideration for a spot!**

    Who’s the chick teaching this course?

    Kelsey Browning & Pups.jpg

    I’m a USA Today bestselling author who has written and released almost 20 novels and novellas since 2013. Quite simply, I’m a gal who gets a lot of creative and business $hit done and teaches other people to do the same.

    I have experience teaching online courses, college, high school, and a service pup. (And yeah – training a dog was WAY easier than dealing with 16 year olds.)

    But really, why should you trust me to teach you anything? Because I’ve gone through a lot of $hit. Like five (two transglobal) moves, my mom’s sudden death, several stints of single-parenting, more hours on airplanes than I can possibly count, a major creative funk, and surviving my son’s teenage years.

    I’ve almost given up a million times.

    But then I get my $hit together again and move forward.

    In case that wasn’t enough…

    • I’m a native Texan, which means I deliver my sarcasm, encouragement, and butt kicks with a drawl.
    • I pronounce the word “pecan” the proper way – “puh-kahn.”
    • I'm an ENTJ, which Thought Catalog describes as: "The successful and slightly bossy friend who is constantly challenging you to reach your full potential – because they see it in you, even when you don’t see it in yourself."
    • I believe “y’all” is the perfect pronoun for all occasions.
    • I write steamy sex scenes in my romances and have been told I should warn people not to read my books on public transportation.
    • I play ping pong like a T-Rex.